Legal Document Preparation Service
in Fort Walton Beach, FL

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WALLACEDOCUPREP LLC Legal Document Preparation Service 21

I am passionate about making legal document preparation services accessible to everyone. It is not my intention to compete with attorneys nor do I proclaim to. I simply offer lower-cost legal documentation for less complex legal matters that help consumers with their legal challenges to free up attorneys for more complex issues.

Personal Services:

Application for Citizenship, Application for Green Card, Application for Visa, Bankruptcy, Conservatorship, Deed of Trust, Deeds, Divorce (with children), Divorce (without children), Guardianship of a minor, Health Care Proxy, Homestead, Legal Separation, Mobile Home Transfer, Name Change, Order to Show Cause, Paternity, Power of Attorney, Probate, Promissory Note, Response to a Divorce, Small Claims, Step-Parent Adoption by Agreement. Business Services, Buy/Sell Agreement, Fictitious Business Name Statement (DBA), Incorporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Non-Profit Corporation, Partnership Agreement, Copyright, Patent & Trademark, Criminal/Probation, Governor Pardons, Restore Driver License, Domestic Violence, and many Other Services. We are a Member of Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. 

Wallace DocuPrep are not attorneys and do not give legal advice, or give advice on possible course of action. For all services, we only sell forms and complete the information provided in writing by the individuals.